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The empanadas came to the American continent through the Spaniards, who inherited them from the Arabs,

who in turn had inherited them from the Persians.

In Argentina they became, together with the asado, in a typical dish, to the extent that each of its provinces has its own style of empanadas.

Thus, the variety of Argentine empanadas is very large,

as according to the region changes the flavor of the dough and the filling, as well as the shape of the repulgue. They can be baked or fried, salty or sweet, but in every corner of the countrythey are a daily food and a regional symbol.

In principle, they came to the Iberian Peninsula in the saddlebags of the Moors (8th century), together with the syrups,

puff pastry, alfajores, pillows, algebras and many other elements that are common nowadays in the West.

Recovered Granada and surroundings, the empanada was to naturalize Spanish and met Hispanic versions very like Argentina,

only more girls, called dumplings. Then the Spanish conquistadors and colonizers brought her to America.

Originally settled in the Andean region and was modified with the autochthonous products of each territory.

Throughout the entire Latin American mountain range

This exquisite and practical food presents different variants: it is juicy, more or less hot, baked in common oven or of mud, or fried,

with repulgue up or on the side, changed by the unique aroma of the cumin of Northwestern Argentina or

ardent for the chili that came from Peru, perfumed by olives

The Basics

Empanada literally means "coated in bread". An empanada is basically a delicious filling encased in dough. Sounds pretty much like a sandwich, right? Believe it or not, an empanada sandwich actually exists. Talk about overkill!

They can be baked or fried, sweet or savory, though savory empanadas tend to be more common. Fillings range from beef, to chicken, ham, tuna, cheese, and spinach. It’s also common to find combinations of ingredients, like jamón y queso in an empanada. For some, empanadas are a perfect appetizer. For others, they are a straight up el almuerzo.

Empanadas Argentinas

If we had to describe the perfect Argentine empanadas in two words, we'd say flaky and savory. These gems have a wheat-based dough that’s usually baked to perfection. Some fry their empanadas, but the oven-baked method is much more common. Fillings can vary, but my standout are the picadillo-filled. Snazzy shops stamp the borders of their empanadas so consumers can easily identify what’s inside. Desgraciadamente, not everyone does this. I, personally, have a hard time telling what’s inside unless they’re stamped. Argentine empanadas are usually deliciously moist, so sauce is really optional here.

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